Making a reservation on the Site (, you accept and agree with the cancellation policy, the rules in force in case of no-show, and with all additional terms and conditions (services) of the Contractor that may apply to your booking (including important information from the Contractor, which is published on our Site and the current rules of residence of the Contractor), including rules regarding services and products provided by the Contractor.The current rules and conditions (provision / purchase / use) can be obtained from the Contractor. General rules concerning the cancellation of booking and no-show, of each apartment are available on our Site on the Offer Contract page. Please note that certain tariffs, fees and special offers can not be canceled, returned or changed.

The contractor may levy an applicable city or tourist tax even in the case of no-show or at cancellation of the cancellation fee. We recommend that you carefully read the details (booking) of the apartment or service before booking. Please note that a reservation requiring a deposit or prepayment (full or partial) can be canceled (without prior notice or warning) in case the corresponding (remaining) amount can not be received (written off) in full amount in the corresponding the date or the date of payment in accordance with the reservation and the rules of the Contractor. The cancellation and prepayment rules may vary depending on the segment, product or service of the booking. Please read the important information on your booking confirmation carefully (this information may include age restrictions, insurance deposit, special cancellation conditions and other rules for group bookings, rules for extra beds, paid breakfast and pets). You bear all the risks associated with late payment, incorrect debit or credit card data, or insufficient funds on your card. You are not entitled to claim a refund of any (non-refundable) prepaid amount, except in cases where the Contractor agrees or permits otherwise in accordance with its rules (pre-payment and cancellation).

If you wish to view, change or cancel the booking, please contact us by e-mail with which you received the booking confirmation and follow the response instructions contained therein. Please keep in mind that you may be charged for cancellation of booking in accordance with the Contractor's cancellation, pre-payment and no-show rules, and you may not be entitled to claim any (pre-paid) amount. We recommend that you carefully read the cancellation policy, (pre-) payment and no-show before making your reservation, and make future payments in a timely manner in accordance with the requirements for the corresponding booking.

If you are late on the day of check-in, arrive late or only the next day, (promptly) inform the Contractor about it. Thus, the Contractor will know when to expect you, this will help to avoid the cancellation of the booking and the penalty for no-show. The Contractor is not responsible for the consequences of your late arrival, as well as the cancellation of the booking or the penalty for non-arrival, which is charged by the Contractor.